Famous Country Songs Of the Past Decade

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You can’t really discuss hit country songs without also taking about the people who made them. Among some of the more popular country entertainers today are Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and up and coming artist Ellen Lambert. Some of the current hits include How Do You Like Me Now and Somebody Like You. Country songs have always been written to tell a tale about what the singer is experiencing. This can be seen in the songs written and performed by Read the rest of this entry »

Best Country Songs For All The Diehard Fans

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Country music has been around for many generations. While the images of the singers has changed over the years, the love of its fans hasn’t. Die hard fans have will never lose their desire for the rhythms and twang that is unique to the genre. This is a list of the best songs any diehard fan of country music will have in their library.

  • “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks.
    A song that became arecognizable anthem for fans of all musical genres. Garth Brooks’s style and flair significantly boosted country music’s exposure in the media, increasing the style’s fan base as well.
  • “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash.
    Johnny Cash had much influence on early country music. He helped to bring the genre to its modern state.
  • “I Swear” by John Michael Montgomery.
    This ballad has become very popular for wedding dances and other romantic situations. The inspiring tones were copied by early boy band All-4-One.
  • “Teardrops on My Guitar” by Taylor Swift.
    This song helped to launch its young singer to stardom. It paints the image of unrequited love of a young woman for a young man that isn’t aware of her.
  • These are only a few of the songs that any and all fans of country music should carry with them in their hearts and minds.

    Just What Makes A Great Country Song

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    Country music is a genre that is loved by many. But what exactly is that magic element that is the difference between an average country song and a great country song? It turns out that it can be several things.

    Great country songs can simply have a catchy tune that people like the sound of and that tend to stick with them. The lyrics may be easy to learn.

    Another factor that makes a great country song is if the Read the rest of this entry »

    Up And Coming Stars of Country

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    When most people think of country music stars, Garth Brooks and George Strait come to mind. Here’s a look at a few up-and-coming stars of country.

    Jason Aldean

    Jason Aldean has been involved in the country music business for quite some time now. Only in recent years, though, have people started to notice him. All in all, Aldean has had eight chart-topping singles. “Dirt Road Anthem,” “She’s Country,” “Fly Over States,” and “Take a Little Ride” are his most well-known songs. Read the rest of this entry »

    Country Music: Where It All Started

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    Dedicated to honor, preserve and promote country music and its artists, the Country Music Hall of Fame was established in Nashville in 1961 under the auspices of the Country Music Association. Of its 115 inductees, the first three truly honor the spirit of country music.

    The first artist inducted, Jimmie Rogers, left a never-give-up lesson to the world. Despite contracting tuberculosis at age 27, Rogers performed and educated audiences. for many years. He was dubbed The Yodeling Country Singer and The Father of Country Music. Rogers was considered by Muddy Read the rest of this entry »