Country Music: Where It All Started

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Dedicated to honor, preserve and promote country music and its artists, the Country Music Hall of Fame was established in Nashville in 1961 under the auspices of the Country Music Association. Of its 115 inductees, the first three truly honor the spirit of country music.

The first artist inducted, Jimmie Rogers, left a never-give-up lesson to the world. Despite contracting tuberculosis at age 27, Rogers performed and educated audiences. for many years. He was dubbed The Yodeling Country Singer and The Father of Country Music. Rogers was considered by Muddy Waters as his mentor. A U.S. postage stamp was created in 1978 immortalizing Jimmie Rogers.

Second inductee, Fred Rose, got his start performing in piano bars and writing songs. Never giving up on his country music dreams, Rose partnered with Roy Acuff to form Acuff-Rose Music Publishing Company in Nashville. Long after his 1954 death, Rose was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970.

Last but not least of the three original inductees, Hank Williams Jr., arose from humble beginnings to become the top country singer of all time. Although he never learned to read music, Williams taught himself to play the guitar, won 15 in a talent contest, and starred in his own radio music show in his teens.

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