Famous Country Songs Of the Past Decade

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You can’t really discuss hit country songs without also taking about the people who made them. Among some of the more popular country entertainers today are Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and up and coming artist Ellen Lambert. Some of the current hits include How Do You Like Me Now and Somebody Like You. Country songs have always been written to tell a tale about what the singer is experiencing. This can be seen in the songs written and performed by Taylor Swift. Some of Taylor’s more popular hits include Teardrop son My Pillow and You Belong to Me.

Another popular female artist in the country genre is Carrie Underwood. Her hit Before he Cheats has made into the top twenty on the Billboard’s list for Country songs. As for modern groups in country music, Lonestar is making a big impression and currently have two hits on the charts. Their hits, What About Now and I’m Already There are back to back on the chart. Country artists today can capture their audiences by incorporating a lot of different styles into their music. The most acclaimed artist to begin crossing the fields of pop with country was Shania Twain, who continues to have a successful career in country music.

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